The best 10 Restaurants out of town near Florence

Our top recommendations for the best restaurants in Florence, Tuscany, Italy

By Lele Gobbi
Jul 04, 2022

Top 10 fine restaurants in rural Tuscany


Never before have the quality and variety of restaurants around Florence been so eagerly discussed as they are today, since the excellence of the environment and landscape where some exceptional food and wine products originate, make the food industry an important resource and a huge asset for the promotion of the area, including tourism.


This is a commitment that is perfectly suited to the environmental characteristics of the Florentine territory, defining its appearance and emphasising its charm.



Where do the locals eat in Tuscany?



Best Foodie Experiences in Tuscany



Via Citille, 43 b - Greve in Chianti


A modern and elegant restaurant where catering, research and creativity have taken on a truly dazzling form: wine is narrated with simplicity and competence, while at the same time wonderfully enhancing the food. In the dining room, Dario Nenci's management is impeccable, while in the kitchen, Antonio Guerra delights diners with dishes that are bursting with flavour, while being both expressive and quite sophisticated.


Fermentation and smoking are masterfully managed with extraordinary aromatic balance: land and sea meet without creating any discomfort to the palate.



Osteria di Passignano

Via Passignano 33 - Tavarnelle Val di Pesa


In one of the most spectacular villages of the Chianti Classico area in the shadow of the Badia di Passignano, a monastery built over 1600 years ago, the very talented Matteo Lorenzini offers a cuisine that thinks Tuscan, and ancient, but then fluently speaks a language that smacks of the contemporary, is very well constructed and equally masterful in its dosage. In addition, a splendid vegetable garden next to the abbey is an absolute protagonist of the culinary delights on offer.



PS Restaurant

Villa di Petriolo 7 - Cerreto Guidi


Situated at the entrance to the village, PS are the initials of the young chef, Stefano Pinciaroli, who blends the gastronomic experiences he has learnt around the world with a cuisine centred on local products: Consideration and imagination are in fact the condiment to great dishes of both sea and land.


A dynamic restaurant, with an open pass that creates a bond between chef and guests, a creative cuisine of pleasure and substance that fully enhances the products of the Empolese Valdelsa.




Via Roma 588 - Bagno a Ripoli

On the road leading to Valdarno, immersed in the countryside amidst vineyards and olive groves, Andrea Perini offers a healthy cuisine that is both intriguing and straightforward, and respectful of the surrounding territory. In addition to being a great cook, he is a master of evo oil, as he wisely and eruditely uses it both as an ingredient in his dishes and as a combination in his creations.


As he himself says: "oil is not a condiment but a true ingredient that makes the difference in every dish".



Virtuoso Gourmet 

Località Lucigliano, 13 / Tenuta le Tre Virtù – Scarperia 


A splendid land in Mugello, straddling the Apennine watershed just a few kilometres from Florence. Antonello Sardi proposes a modern cuisine that entertains and whets the palate with a singular flair, preserving intact the peculiarities of the raw materials. "Only Tuscan excellence", coming both from his own organic cultivations and from small local producers.


In the kitchen, in fact, tasty ingredients from the sea and the land are elaborated with a skilful hand and inspired precision, restoring them in harmonious dishes with clear and multifaceted flavours. Fish and meat come together in an evocative way, accompanied by numerous excellent vegetables. The resort, as well as the surrounding countryside, offers guests a true regeneration of the senses: not only culinary.




Osteria di Torre a Cona

Località Torre a Cona, 49 - Rignano sull'Arno


Torre a Cona offers both a landscape and architecture of charm and seduction: an 18th-century villa, overlooking a natural parapet about 400 m above sea level, dedicated to wine, hospitality and catering. The restaurant offers a very precise concept of cuisine, which combines the savoir-faire of two renowned chefs, Maria Probst and Cristian Santandrea, with the philosophy that guides the entire property: simple elegance, contemporaneity and nature.


Ingredients of the highest value and a lot of Tuscan flavour complete, therefore, a noteworthy package in the foothills of Florence.

trattoria_ san_casciano_pesce_20220704


Trattoria del Pesce

Loc. Bargino, via Cassia per Siena 124 - San Casciano Val di Pesa


We are in Chianti, but we are talking about fish - and what quality! A great banquet of seafood on offer since 1984, and a shining example of genuine, no-frills seafood cuisine that makes skilful use of freshness (the raw fish is excellent) and seasonality, even with the search for and appreciation of less prized fish. Service is precise and orderly, with the opportunity in the warm season to enjoy the Chianti countryside outdoors. In addition, the family management makes the environment comfortable and informal.



Pepe Nero (Black Pepper)

Via Zarini 289 – Prato


Mirko Giannoni’s restaurant is modern, with an equally contemporary, brilliant, complex cuisine, but without extravagance or sloppiness, where both fish and meat find a guaranteed home in Prato, a place suspended between the Apennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea.


The dishes bring together creativity and often excellent local identity - carefully researched dishes and combinations that restore body and spirit. A gastronomic experience, where you get the feeling of respect for the territory and continuous experimentation by the imaginative chef Alberto Sparacino.



Belmond Villa San Michele La Loggia

Villa Doccia 4 – Fiesole


A former 15th-century monastery with a façade attributed to Michelangelo and gardens much appreciated by D'Annunzio - an unbelievable setting, to say the least. Chef Alessandro Cozzolino juggles perfectly in this marvellous historic hotel in the hills, where territoriality, seasonality and vegetables are great protagonists. Moreover, the Mediterranean is a real theme where fragrances and flavours intertwine in dishes that are as beautiful as they are good, thanks also to excellent synergy with small local producers.



Podere Belvedere

Via San Piero a Strada 23 - Pontassieve

Magnificent agritourism, or better, a splendid farm with an adjoining restaurant – and what a restaurant! Edoardo Tilli and Klodiana Karafilaj put their heart, soul and a lot of expertise into the beautiful countryside around Rufina. The earth and the fire demonstrate Edoardo's great passion in knowing how to combine clean, deep flavours and a commendable use of resources.


Grilling, smoking and fermentation become acts which are as sublime as they are habitual, and translate into noble and tasty dishes. Then, great expertise on maturing and seasoning allow him to be truly avant-garde and place him in a uniquely privileged position among his colleagues.


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