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Baglio Florio - Marsala DOC Wine - Florio Estate


Denomination Marsala DOC
Region Sicily
Grape Variety Grillo
Alcohol 19%
Aromas Dry Fruits, Sweet Spices
Ageing potential No drinking limit if preserved well
Serving temperature 12°C-14*C


Baglio Florio is a refined product, with a dry and soft taste, with hints of licorice and almond blended in a delicate and harmonious vanilla note.

Pressing of grapes with a high sugar content to pass the precious substances contained in the skins to the must.

Fermentation at a controlled temperature and preparation of the conch with the addition to the wine obtained of only wine distillate according to the tradition of virgin Marsala.

Wonderful as an aperitif, with smoked fish hors d'oeuvres or with medium-aged cheeses such as taleggio.

Great meditation wine, intense and persistent.

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The Florio wines and the Marsala-based winery are produced in Sicily. This winery dates back to the Florio winery's inception in 1832, following the Florio family's first wine lands purchase

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