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tagAlt.Borgogno Derthona
tagAlt.Borgogno Derthona

Derthona - Colli Tortonesi Timorasso DOC Wine - Borgogno


Wine Type Structured white wines
Denomination Colli Tortonesi Timorasso DOC
Region Piedmont
Year 2018
Grape Variety Timorasso
Alcohol 14%
Aromas Fruity Aromas, Camomile
Ageing potential Can age more than 20 years
Serving temperature 10°C-12*C


Derthona is the result of the aging of Timorasso for at least 18 months: an ancient wine, brought back to new life, characterized by power, structure, mineral complexity and other aromatic characteristics which allow the wine to evolve in time.
This longevity, not common for a white wine, is made possible by the characteristics of the grape, of the territory where it is cultivated and by the style of vinification.

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Borgogno means nearly three centuries of winemaking in the heart of Piedmont Italy. This winery today produces fine Barolo wine and other fine wines.

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