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Lugana DOC Superior Wine


Wine Color White
Denomination Lugana DOC
Region Lombardy, Veneto
Grape Variety Turbiana
Alcohol 13%, 14%
Ageing potential Drink within 10 years, Drink within 15 years
Serving temperature 12°C-14*C


Lugana Superiore wine, initiated into the classic disciplinary standards in 1998, must be subjected to a period of aging or refining for at least 1 year following its harvest in order to be able to display the Superiore label.

The wine presents a nuanced, complex flavor profile, with golden reflections.  The wine's aromas instead, are always increasingly articulated, and present notes of field grasses, chlorophyll, ripe apples and citrus (primarily mandarin oranges). 

These aromas are further enhanced with notes of hazelnut and spice blends tending towards woodiness (today's wooden notes are always newly produced, toasted woods, with larger capacities).

The wine presents a greater structural sensation on the palate, and is sustained by a vivacious acidity and liveliness, criss-crossed by a mineral matrix with sapid notes that presents intriguing salty bites to the wine.

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