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Ognisanti - Valpolicella Classico Superior 2018 - Bertani Wine Estate


Wine Type Medium structure red wines
Denomination Valpolicella Superiore DOC
Region Veneto
Year 2018
Grape Variety Corvina, Rondinella
Alcohol 12.5%
Aromas Red Fruits, Strawberry, Cherry, Nutmeg, Pepper
Ageing potential Drink within 5 years


Valpolicella wines gain superior structure and concentration thanks to the incorporation of the Novare Cru vines.
The Valpolicella terroir is limestone-rich, which lends itself perfectly to the cultivation of small-medium sized grapes.  This size tends to produce a more favorable pulp-to-peel ratio, which ultimately is suitable for wine production based on fresh grapes only.
The Bertani Ognisanti Valpolicella selection features a rich bouquet of cherry and marasca cherry notes,  accompanied by intense aromas of white pepper and dried flowers.
This Valpolicella selection is finely balanced, thanks to a careful selection of grapes and a rested maceration period.  The result is improved balance, vibrant tannins and persistence in flavor.  We can also thank the wine's 1-year refinement in oak barrels, followed by another 6 months aging in bottles.  
Only at this point can the Valpolicella Classica land express its superior character and nature through the Ognisanti vintage.   

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