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Pecorino d'Abruzzo Wines


Wine Type Light white wines
Denomination Abruzzo DOC Pecorino
Region Abruzzo
Grape Variety Pecorino
Alcohol 12%, 13%
Aromas Floral Aromas, Fruity Aromas
Wine Color White


With its harmonious, persistent, dry characteristics, the Pecorino d’Abruzzo has all the markings of a truly exceptional wine.   Featuring a good acidity and freshness, the wine finds a wonderful partner in seafood dishes, light and mild cheeses, white meats and first courses with bold flavor accents.  

Pecorino d’Abruzzo has a pleasing light yellow color, recalling hay or gold.  With a balanced, fresh, persistent flavor, the Pecorino bouquet can be characterized by tropical, citrus notes with balsamic hints and fine balance.  This is a wine perfect for summertime refreshment!

The Pecorino vine is an ancient vine that shares its views of the region’s rich, flavorful and aromatic history and traditions.  The first recordings of this vine date back to Cato the Elder (2nd century A.D:), who listed the vine as one of the varietals imported into Italy during the Greek migrations.

Characterized by a premature maturation on the vine, and a low quantitative output, the Pecorino vine was rediscovered only in recent history (from the 80s and 90s) and re-appreciated for its production of quality wines, whereas previous preferences were geared more towards vines with higher numeric yields.

In order for the vines to reach their top levels of production, ideal growing climates for the vines include relatively cool climates and strong temperature ranges.  In addition to a quick maturing process, these grapes have a high sugar content, which in turn determines the high alcohol levels of the grapes.  Pecorino wines usually contain good structure with definite acidity.

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