Sergio Zingarelli - Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Wine - Rocca delle Macìe


Wine Type Structured red wines
Denomination Chianti Classico Gran Selezione
Region Tuscany
Year 2015
Grape Variety Sangiovese
Alcohol 14.5%
Aromas Fruity Aromas, Red Fruits, Black Fruits, Floral Aromas, Metallic
Ageing potential Can age more than 20 years
Serving temperature 16°C-18*C
Wine Color Red


The highest expression of Rocca delle Macìe winemaking, the Gran Selezione Sergio Zingarelli has a history that stretches way back, since it is the fruit of many years’ work in the vineyards on the Le Macìe estate at Castellina in Chianti, where the Sangiovese grape comes into its own like nowhere else. This wine encapsulates the very best of the Chianti Classico production zone and its vineyards, as well as the painstaking efforts of everyone involved. Rocca delle Macìe’s Gran Selezione is part of a wider winemaking project that began in the 2000 with the replanting of almost all of the Sangiovese vineyards on the company’s Le Macìe estate in Castellina in Chianti, with the long-term objective of producing a wine that could fully encapsulate the terroir and could take its place at the very top of the company’s quality pyramid. With the introduction of the Gran Selezione, promoted by the Consortium, the fruit of this commitment has found its natural positioning within the new category. Born as a blend of 90% Sangiovese and 10% Colorino from 2014 harvest it is produced by 100% Sangiovese which in this wine express the best of the terroir where they come from.

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