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Vecchio 1833 - Marsala Superiore (Dry) - Florio


Wine Type Sweet wines
Ageing potential Drink within 5 years
Serving temperature 14°C-16*C
Aromas Fruity Aromas, Exotic Fruit, Candied fruit
Alcohol 18°


Fortified wine with a slight sugar content, born with only Grillo and Catarratto grapes from the vineyards owned and cultivated in the Marsala DOC area. The exceptional microclimate of this territory, the fresh and humid cellars where the product matures and refines for 30 months in oak barrels, and the wise art of winemaking that the company has handed down since 1883, give this versatile wine a unique personality and a well circumscribed identity that make it inimitable.

Amber yellow color with gold reflections. The perfume is characteristic and fine, with hints of raisins, broom, and medicinal herbs, then turns towards notes of melted butter and sweet spicy vanilla. The taste is warm, decisive and enveloping, consistent in the scents and the many returns of dried fruit that accompany a long savory trail.

An excellent dessert wine, it goes well with dry pastries, crunchy almonds or with mature cheeses.

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The Florio wines and the Marsala-based winery are produced in Sicily. This winery dates back to the Florio winery's inception in 1832, following the Florio family's first wine lands purchase

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