Rosanna Passione

Chef Rosanna Passione is a firm believer in offering her students a memorable experience either at Mama Florence or online here! Specializing in unusual approaches to traditional favorites, and always incorporating the finest ingredients each local season offers, preparing dishes from Rosanna’s adopted home in Tuscany is a true treat guaranteed to produce not just new techniques and culinary approaches, but also in crafting a new partnership with this amazing chef, author, and teacher. Having lived in both Italy and the United States, Rosanna is particularly adept at interpreting exciting dishes that might be new for her guests, as well as including classic favorites, and the added benefit of her southern Italian roots ensures new flavor combinations and ingredient use that only a chef with regional experience can master and define.   With Rosanna’s commitment to engaging and welcoming her students, cooking sessions with this dynamic, insightful professional are sure to become a favorite experience, and with Rosanna’s astute culinary abilities, you’re sure to craft stupendous dishes together, either in your kitchen or her home.