Abruzzo - Be the First to Discover Its Beauty, Foods and Wines

Dec 22, 2020

Is a Abruzzo a place to visit? Yes! With its amazing landscapes, culture and even better wines Abruzzo is a must. In this video get the feel of this Southern Italian region.

The Southern Italian region of Abruzzo is home to some stunningly beautiful landscapes, and is likely a region you've heard of only in passing. Countryside, vineyards, coasts, exuberant urban life - there's just nothing this powerhouse region doesn't offer. And the wines? We’d say they’ve got some of the best you've not enjoyed yet. 

Our love of Italy’s undiscovered beauty, be it expressed through food, nature, hospitality or any other way experiences are shared, find their maximum reflection here.  The region of Abruzzo, while not the most hotly-visited region in Southern Italy, offers so much, it’s a natural reaction to want to pack your bags and come on over right away.  Abruzzo would be glad to have you for a visit, as you’ll see from its traditional warm welcomes to the glorious spreads on their tables.  

With a natural landscape second to none, Abruzzo offers a hiking and trekking adventure that no other region can quite top.  With one of Italy’s largest and finely maintained nature reserves, there are literally hundreds of kilometers for the adventurous to explore.  If you’re in the mood for lighter outdoors experiences, light hiking complete with paths, waterfalls, charming Medieval walled towns and much more are waiting for you to pop on in for a visit.

Add to that immaculate cuisines and natural landscapes - Abruzzo naturally and engagingly meets your needs for top-notch gourmet wines and foods, lively culture and untainted natural beauty. It's waiting for us, so come with Mamablip as we jump into this Southern Italian adventure together!

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