Argiano Vigna del Suolo 2015 DOCG - Brunello di Montalcino Wine Tasting Weekend

A 5000 square meter villa surrounded by forest and vineyards; a property that has its roots all the way back in Roman times.

In our continuing series of telling you, lucky viewers and readers, about the wonderful, extraordinary wineries and territories of the Montalcino wine lands, we come to an all-around team favorite, and one that Filippo was lucky enough to visit during these days.  For you all wine enthusiasts, there's also tasting involved, of course, and Filippo has guaranteed a wine selection to whet even the most particular of palates.

One of the oldest wineries we've had the pleasure of visiting, it's hypothesized that the winery estate, meaning the gorgeous, vast villa property, was constructed in the late 16th century, yet it does bear wondering if it's not even older than that.  With that in mind, the winery has been producing excellent wines for literal centuries, just when other parts of the world were developing their wine interests themselves.  A winery that today, is setting quality standards for the rest of the wine world, and is constantly working on improving their wines' notes and production methods in order to produce memorable, delicious wines that you'll want to drink with your loved ones.  A winery that, today, has as its lighthouse the quality of wine production.

Enjoy and follow the episodes coming up next weekend.  We promise more spectacular locations, and even more memorable wines to discover with Filippo at your side!

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