Berlucchi's 61 Nature: stunning wines result from traditional method shift in Franciacorta

A Franciacorta bubbly with so much pairing potential, you won't want to do without!

While we tend to overlook the fundamental role nature plays in the creation and production of just about everything we do.  However, back in 1955, two fundamental wine players in the Franciacorta region paid homage to Mother Nature’s role in making sparkling wines, by importing the French Traditional Method into the Italian wine region of Franciacorta.  And the rest is history.

Representing the Berlucchi wine estate as we know it today, the sparkling Berlucchi wines were  the handiwork of Franco Ziliani together with Guido Berlucchi, this gorgeous Chardonnay-based sparkling wine results in a complex, refreshing, citrus-accented bubbling wine that is surprisingly well-matched with a variety of food&wine pairings that you’ll love to discover and sculpt to your tastes and preferences.

Continuing to leave their distinct mark upon this memorable wine, the name of the Franciacorta bubbly is another creation belonging to these two wine icons.  Berlucchi ’61 Nature is a direct recollection of the first year of the bottles’ birth, and a constant reminder of the history and daring behind the production of one of Lombardy’s most recognizable and revolutionary wines.

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