Bertani - Catullo Valpolicella Ripasso DOCG 2017

Catullo lends his name to Bertani's amazing smooth velvet Valpolicella Ripasso

Catullo might have lent his name to the Bertani Catullo Ripasso wine, but this wine stands on its poetic feet, to be sure.  The Bertani Catullo Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Classico Superiore is a masterpiece of traditional Ripasso wine-making technique, where the Valpolicella Classico wine is passed through a second fermentation before making its way into our glasses. 

And what a result we wind up with - a superb nose, brimming with special vanilla notes, and aromatic intensity conferred by that second fermentation that you just don’t find in every wine bottle on the shelf.   Filippo Bartolotta, Mamablip’s fine Italian wine expert, leads us through a memorable tasting experience as we explore the depths and roots of this most particular Amarone wine selection.

The nature of the Bertani wines is a clear-cut dedication to top-tier wine quality levels, and the time and patience required to produce a wine of this significant nature is clearly reflected in our wine glasses, as we savor this Bertani Amarone di Valpolicella selection.  

The aromatics present in the Ripasso are sourced from the remaining pomice of the Amarone grapes, and are the direct result of 120 days of aging and fermentation.  While that sounds like an intriguing process, the resulting Ripasso wine from Bertani presents a very appealing bouquet and tasting experience.  If you love vanilla, sweet spices, and spirit-preserved cherries, this is the right fine Italian wine from Valpolicella.  

A refreshing red wine comes from the whole aging process, from start to finish, and is perfectly paired with dark, deep dishes like stewed meats and ragù sauces.  But let’s follow along with Filippo for the complete story and tasting experience of the Bertani Catullo Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Classico Superiore wine selection to gain more insight into this unique wine sensation.

For more historic perspective into the Bertani estate, check out Filippo’s video on the Bertani family wine estate background.  Check out the Wine Selections to purchase your own bottles of the Bertani selections and other recommended wines.   Lele Gobbi brings us on a closer look into the Bertani family and their wine-making vision with his article, Bertani, The Guardians of Veneto’s Valpolicella Region.


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