Bertani: Giovan Battista & Gaetano Bring Modern Wine Making to Verona

Bertani Wine Estate: let’s learn more about this truly historic family-created and run Veneto wine estate

We sometimes forget that a united Italy is a relatively recent concept, but the Bertani family is well aware of this historical note, as their Amarone wines were being hand-crafted following the Guyot viticultural discipline well before Italy became unified.

Let’s learn more about this truly historic family-created and run Veneto wine estate that is an undeniable cornerstone of today’s Amarone wine world.  Filippo Bartolotta, Mamablip’s fine Italian wine expert, leads us through an engaging look at what separates the Amarone wines from the rest of many other top-notch Italian wine varieties.

While Amarone wines crop up from time to time in pop culture, for those who love a stronger, elegant, cleaner red Italian wine, Amarone wines, naturally originating on the Bertani wine estate, might be the perfect solution.  Immensely drinkable, endless aging potential, and a wide range of delightfully dark aromas await each glass of fine Bertani Amarone wine options.

There’s a special aging process, both in racks and in Slavonian oak barrels that Filippo will lead you through, and we’re just fascinated by this Amarone wine estate older than Italy itself, technically.  With clear roots and devotion to representing the finest consistency and reliability to their particular wine production methods both now and historically, the Bertani Domains is definitely a wine estate to trust.  

Ground-breaking vision, dedication to producing wines that give back to their homelands, and powerful wines expressing great versatility - what else do you need?  Join us on this starting look into the impressive world of the Bertani Domains wine-producing universe.


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