Bertani: Soave Vintage | Wine Tasting with Filippo Bartolotta

So refreshing and engaging, the Soave Vintage wine from Bertani is an amazing Northern Italian wine that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with many amazing dishes.

Bertani Soave is a clear connection to the past of Italy’s wine-making history, and it’s so good, it can make you even lose track of yesterday and tomorrow, as Italian poet Trilussa experienced.   So refreshing and yet so engaging, this is an amazing Northern Italian wine that can be enjoyed on its own just as easily as it can be paired with a selection of fine Italian classic regional dishes.

Curious as to the nature of Bertani’s Soave selection?  Filippo Bartolotta gives wine enthusiasts a run-down on what makes up the classic notes of traditional Bertani Soave wines, beginning with the sheer elegance that is the Bertani Soave bottle itself.  One of the first Soave wines on the international market, first appearing back in 1931, the success of the Soave wine was such that the bottle eventually became a flagship wine bottle for Bertani, and was one identifying element of their fine Garganega-based white wine.

Soave proved to be such a particularly refined selection, it was featured during the coronation of the British Empire’s King George VI, and irrefutable honor for this traditionally-crafted Italian white wine.

Throughout the course of the years, quality and production processes have remained remarkably similar to the wine’s original methodology, although Bertani naturally does work on constant refinements and improvement methods to apply to the production of their Soave wines.  As such, this fine classic white wine is ideal to be served for special occasions like a coronation, but also for a wonderful dinner at home.  Versatility, quality, and remarkable character make this wine a calling-card example of fine Italian wine-making ability.


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