Black Forest Gateau Like You've Never Seen

Apr 04, 2020

A Cake Presentation That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Chef Gabriele Vanucci has a fascinating perspective into food presentation and plating for all of his creations, but I've got to admit, this dark-sided Black Forest Gateau gives me chills of anticipation and joy at tasting his beautiful creations.  

Vannucci's work is amongst the finest and most prized within the local Florentine pastry scene, and with a long career ahead of him, I suspect his path will be paved with promise.  With that in mind, Vannucci got his start with a real bang - working in New York, then alongside the Alain Ducasse team, and finally alongside the Leggenda dei Frati Michelin-starred restaurant in Florence, there's no doubt that Vannucci has already earned his stripes.  

With a reputation as a delicious yet mundane cake, this new interpretation will show the cake in a whole new, eerie light.  I promise you that Black Forest Cake in mousse format wasn't on your radar yet (unless you've enjoyed Vannucci's creations in the past, and which case, you know how good it is already), but I'm pretty sure after seeing Chef Vannucci's creation video, you'll be eager to take the plunge and look for it on your next big night out in Florence.  And the plating Chef Vanucci puts together?  To die for!

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