Bolgheri, Tuscany - Italy Wine Region

Come explore with Mamablip and our friends in the Bolgheri wine region just what it is about the land that has captured the heart and soul of many.

The history of the Bolgheri wine region might come as a surprise to fine Italian wine lovers the world over, but this was not a region known initially for its fine wines.  Wines to be enjoyed promptly, and wines made with rather rudimentary viticultural practices were what characterized these beautiful lands and tenute, so it’s amazing to think of the value of today’s Bolgheri wines and their humble, very modest origins.

The Consorzio per la Tutela dei Vini DOC Bolgheri e DOC Bolgheri Sassicaia has spent the past 25+ years working towards enhancing awareness of the Bolgheri wines and appellation to the global audience of fine Italian wine lovers, and with great success.  Today, the Bolgheri wine region is a top wine destination in coastal Tuscany.  Understandably, the desire to see the birthplace of some of your favorite wine selections can be a tantalizing prospect, especially when the wine region in question is so hospitable, and provides an endless supply of visual gratification.


Some of the top Bolgheri wine producers have come together to explain their passion, their life’s work, and why they continue to pursue the business of crafting full-bodied grape varietals into the wines we cherish today.  With an eye on the future generations to come, and a heart beating both in the past and the present culture of Bolgheri wine-making, the contemporary wine artisans in Bolgheri are justifiably proud representatives of a somewhat recent wine-making tradition.

Come explore with Mamablip and our friends in the Bolgheri wine region just what it is about the land that has captured the heart and soul of many a generation of wine makers.  Influential winemakers throughout the Bolgheri region share their family histories and the passions poured into the Bolgheri lands, making us all insiders into one of Italy’s most significant wine regions.  Join us for this special perspective, and learn what makes the Bolgheri wines so emblematic of a unique, special corner of coastal Tuscany.

Mamablip wine journalist Andrea Grignaffini has explored the roots of Bolgheri’s wine history, Bolgheri and Sassicaia - Creating Tuscan Wine History.  Check it out for further reading on the Bolgheri region and its wines.  Still hungry for Bolgheri info?  Don’t miss Filippo Bartolotta’s video going over the Bolgheri fundamentals.  For a little more Bolgheri, read about Filippo’s presentation of the new 2018 Ornellaia vintage.


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