Borgogno Barolo Liste: Carrying Barolo wine -making traditions into modern areas

Check out what makes Borgogno Liste Barolo such a landmark fine Italian wine!

Some wines and wine estates can put their very own signature on the writing of Italian history.  But few can actually claim to be older than Italy itself.  Enter the Borgogno winery, with its centennial and longer history, and with the knowledge of helping develop the Piedmont and Barolo wine dominance, a wine that has spread across the radar of fine Italian wine lovers the world over.

The Borgogno wine estate has been a family-run affair since its inception, and although ownership has changed hands since the beginning of its being, being sold to the Farinetti family in 2008, every hand that has run this winery has been part of a family-run organization.  Perhaps to make such a great wine, you need the input of all family members!

The Borgogno family history surely has its fair share of intriguing characters, ranging from Bartolomeo Borgogno, the winery’s founder, and leading to Cesare Borgogno, acclaimed for having “forgotten” about half of a vintage in the estate’s cellar, only to sell it 50 years later, giving rise to the notion of collector’s bottles.

Borgogno has never been far from history though, featured on the celebratory banquet tables at the very moment Italy was becoming unified as a nation, and again, making history with the sale of its special vintages as they commanded prices hitherto fore never seen or experienced.

Today’s wine production, in the capable and respectful hands of the Farinetti family, are bringing the wine production process into a contemporary era, even as they continue incorporation of traditional methods that have up to now, proven to be incredibly relevant and prosperous wine-making techniques.

Come taste a timeless Barolo icon with Filippo Bartolotta as he cracks open this very special Borgogno Liste Barolo from 2016, hailing from a vintage that Bartolotta indicates as pure perfection.  Learn more, add some names for your must-try bucket list, and enjoy the world of fine Italian wines with Mamablip!

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