Brunello of Montalcino Franco Pacenti Wine Tasting 2015

Let's discover Brunello Pacenti 2015. Filippo Bartolotta, accompanies us in this tasting in the third episode of the Brunello Weekend series.

If you're like us, you love family-owned Italian wineries.  We love the tradition that these wineries preserve, we love the established habits and customs that are handed down from generation to generation and the products that result, in this case extraordinary Brunellos that become part of our conviviality and table.

The Franco Pacenti company is just that.  Born in the sixties, it is still managed by the third generation of Pacenti winemakers. The Pacenti family is renowned both for its commitment to elevating the name of Montalcino throughout the world and for its dedication to strengthening the local Sangiovese grape.

Follow Filippo Bartolotta, acclaimed journalist and expert sommelier, in his exploration of Montalcino's great wineries and his always compelling tastings in our series on Brunello di Montalcino wines and tastings.  If you've had the chance to visit the wineries or areas in person, share your photos on our social media and show us your stuff!  If you haven't yet, get ready to dream about tasting these wines in person!

If you love learning about wines, especially the Brunello di Montalcino 2015 wines, don’t miss Filippo’s weekend tasting video, with a review of the Argiano Vigna del Suolo selection.

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