Brunello Weekend - Banfi Poggio alle Mura 2015

This video is the first episode of the Brunello Tasting Weekend series. A video collection of 2015 Brunellos with anecdotes and tasting notes not to be missed.

Filippo Bartolotta, wine journalist, continues his discovery of the Montalcino wine lands, and bring us along with him for the ride.

While we sit back and let Filippo do the work for us, it's not hard to imagine what it must be like to crack open a bottle of what Filippo's recommending, and feel our endorphins so through the roof as our happiness levels soar with each sip.  This wine is that powerful, and with Filippo's guidance, we can increase our knowledge of these unique wines and the work behind creating them.

As Filippo leads us through this tasting, we can imagine the reactions of John and Harry Mariani, two Italian-American wine importers, who in 1978, saw their first classic Tuscan winery in a Castle!  Can you imagine how exciting it would have been there at that moment, to witness this important historic page?  It's thanks to the Mariani brothers that the Brunello wine region was discovered and developed into a cult wine region, so we have our hats to tip to these forward-thinking brothers, and their immense vision.   Filippo is glad to walk us through his selection for tasting, and should you be able to source a bottle to taste along with Filippo's video, you won't be sorry to join in a glass and tasting!  Share your photos with me on the Mamablip social media pages - I love seeing what you've got in your glass!

We’re not ones to shy away from weekend wine tasting, so be sure to check out Filippo’s other selection this weekend, with a tasting of the Nardi 2015 Brunello selection.

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