Canna Torta Orange Wine by Podere Le Ripi Winery - Wine tasting with Filippo Bartolotta

Discover Canna Torta wine, its unique and fun name, and what makes this orange wine the perfect 'shot' by Podere le Ripi.

Do you like orange wines? If you do, today is your day! Join Filippo Bartolotta in discovering Canna Torta, an amazing new wine by Podere le Ripi.

Canna Torta means ‘crooked barrel’, and it’s  a fun nick-name given to a hunter who wasn’t able to hunt much at all, missing anything he shot at.

This label by Podere le Ripi was initially given to a red wine, but in the last few years it proudly represents the winery’s new creation: a Trebbiano and Malvasia mix, usually used to make sweet wines.

Canna Torta is macerated for 9 months in terracotta barrels, and the result is an intense and beautiful orange wine, featuring beautiful hints of orange peel, tangerine, fruits of the orchard, and herbs.

Read more about Podere le Ripi here, and if you are interested in more tastings, love and lessons by our wine expert, don’t miss our videos, where you can learn much more about the world of Italian wines!

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