Cheesy Polenta with Piave DOP Paired with Garda DOC | 15 Minute Recipe

Polenta Concia, aka polenta creamed with butter and cheese, is one of the most popular dishes from the north of Italy.

Polenta concia' is one of northern Italy's most famous dishes, fought over by different regions but which, whatever its origin, is easier to make than you think and absolutely delicious.

A hearty, easy-to-prepare and irresistible one-pot meal to warm up lunches and dinners in the colder season.

Chef Sara Lai, accompanied by wine expert Filippo Bartolotta, uses Piave DOP cheese of different ages to 'conciare' the polenta, making it creamy and stringy.

Filippo took the opportunity to uncork a bottle of Garda DOC bubbles, which goes perfectly with this dish, making the experience truly unique.

'Polenta Concia' paired with Piave Cheese and Bollicine Garda DOC & Valtenesi Wines

Ingredients for 4

1 liter water
200 gr corn flour
120 gr Piave Cheese Vecchio DOP
220 gr Piave Cheese Vecchio "Selezione Oro" DOP
120 gr butter
grated Piave cheese
black pepper

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