Chicken Liver Paté with Raisin Bread and Donnafugata | 15 Minute Recipe

A classic Tuscan antipasto which, once you've tried it, is bound to be one of your favorites...

Chicken liver pate is a classic Tuscan antipasto. Although liver is not everyone's favourite ingredient, if you have ever been to Tuscany and tried this wonderful cream spread on a crouton, you will know that it is truly irresistible.

Salty and earthy, liver pâté is even better spread on toasted sultana bread.

The Tuscan crouton is definitely a dish that will make a great impression on your diners, and even more so if you pair it with the right wine!

Filippo Bartolotta once again amazes us by opening a bottle of Sicilian wine: a Ben Ryè from Donnafugata, a sweet wine that enhances the flavours of liver and bread.

Chicken Liver Paté with Raisin Bread Ingredients:

for 4 servings

  • Fresh Chicken Liver Paté
  • Onion 1
  • Vinsanto wine 0.5 cup
  • Chicken Liver 300 grams
  • Heavy cream 75 grams
  • Butter 200 grams
  • Salt as needed
  • Extra-virgin olive oil as needed
  • Bay leaf 1

Savory Raisin Bread Toast

  • All-purpose flour 250 grams
  • Raisins 125 grams
  • Sugar (Granulated) 20 grams
  • Milk 125 grams
  • Instant yeast 12 grams
  • Egg 1


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