Ligurian Corzetti with Sausage and Olives paired with Rocca delle Macìe | 15 Minute Recipe

Corzetti are a typical pasta from the region of Liguria, made with beautiful personalised stamps from local artisans.

Have you ever heard of corzetti? Originating in Liguria, corzetti made from durum wheat flour is a simple pasta, but one that is exceptional to look at and has great impact.  

With the customised moulds for Corzetti, which are easily available from high quality craft sites, you can amaze your guests with a pasta that is not only delicious, but also beautiful to look at. 

Today, corzetti are a way to express creativity, and if you have children who like to cook with you in the kitchen, this recipe is perfect to get them involved in the preparation!

Filippo Bartolotta pairs the dish of the day with a Chianti Classico Rocca delle Macie Gran Selezione Riserva di Fizzano.

Corzetti with sausages and olives paired with Rocca delle Macie Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Riserva di Fizzano

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Ingredients 2 people

Pasta for corzetti
200 gr wholemeal flour
100 g lukewarm water
A pinch of salt

2 Italian sausages
100 g black olives
A sprig of rosemary
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
A pinch of salt

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