Discovering Castiglion del Bosco with Filippo Bartolotta

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Are you a Tuscan wine fanatic?  Have you heard of the absolutely incredible Castiglion del Bosco estate as a hospitality focused experience?  Well, if you have a deep-rooted love of all things drinkable from Tuscany, the Castiglion del Bosco estate as both a luxury hotel and a fabulous wine estate is an experience you'll need to be adding to your handy bucket list.

Together with Filippo Bartolotta, my intrepid sommelier-in-charge, we're out for the day, exploring the stupendous Montalcino area of central Tuscany.  Where to begin?!  With the gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage site panorama, with its valleys and natural landscapes inspiring centuries of painters to do their finest works?  With the glorious, exclusive wine cellar of the Castiglion del Bosco estate?  With the wines Filippo gets to taste directly from the barrel?   Say what?!

Watch as Filippo meets with Cecilia Leoneschi, the enologist behind the Castiglion del Bosco's exciting Brunello results.  With a focus on the future, and an eye towards sustainable wine production, Leoneschi has proven herself quite at home and capable in the role of shaping the wines produced on this expansive estate.

The natural beauty of the rolling Tuscan countryside, with its lush green hills, sombre wooded areas and magical qualities is bound to win you over as you enjoy this terrific video from your own home.  Once you've scoured the screen, start planning a real-life visit!

Eager to learn more about this amazing wine region in Southern Tuscany?  Filippo’s got you covered in his 6-episode long exploration of the Montalcino wine region.  Begin with Episode 1 of the Miracle of Montalcino, and let’s get exploring!

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