Discovering Chianti Classico with Filippo Bartolotta | Episode 1

What do you know about Chianti Classico?

Take a few minutes with Filippo Bartolotta, and learn a whole lot about the wine land of the Black Rooster: Chianti Classico. 

Filippo was born under the lucky Tuscan wine stars, as fate would have it.  His love of fine Italian wines seems like destiny, having grown up in the spectacular Chianti Classico region.  How could we not love this wine region, and come to think of it, this fine gourmet region as well?  Many of the wines we love to drink are so superb when paired with local cuisine, and Filippo is the guide you need to help you understand more about how all the puzzle pieces of the Greater Chianti wine regions fit together.

With a lifetime of wine knowledge to lead us from Florence to Siena, and loads of interesting stops en route, our knowledge of the food and wine of the Chianti Classico area will evolve into an exploration together.  We'll discover tantalizing bottles to crack open, and how to identify all the different regions with the overall Greater Chianti areas.

During this first adventure together with Filippo, the first of several episodes, we'll depart with a greater look at the Chianti Classico region.  Where does it start?  What cities does it encompass?  How can I tell where my wine is from?  What makes this countryside so special?  These are all important questions that Filippo will lead us through together, and if you've got more questions, just be sure to leave them on our social media pages so Filippo or the team can get back to you quickly with the answers.  Buckle up, and get ready for your wine drive through Tuscany from the comfort of your own home!

I’ll bet Filippo’s got you hooked on learning about the Chianti wine region - check out Episode 2 of Filippo’s Chianti exploration!

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