Discovering Chianti Classico with Filippo Bartolotta | Episode 2

The Black Rooster

The first thing that pops to mind for me, when I was learning about the basics of the Chianti Classico wine region, was a visual element:  why does a Black Rooster appear as the logo of the Chianti Classico wine region?  Why the rooster and not another animal?  Nothing against poultry, mind you, just a reflection of what's not the first noble animal that springs to mind.

Filippo Bartolotta, Italian fine wine expert and sommelier, knows the skinny on what this particular animal was chosen to represent such a fine, inspirational wine region.  In this video, we'll take a wander into the Chianti Classico's feud-filled history to learn how local strife played a role in the development of the rooster as one of the most recognizable local logos around.

The ingenuity of Florentines has carried them through centuries of existence and cultural development, so it comes as no surprise to me to learn that they were able to apply this characteristic in determining the outcome of one of history's most bitter rivalries, carrying over to the ancient wine world as well.

Once you've finished enjoying this second episode of Filippo's exploration of the Chianti Classico wine region, all that's left is to start delving into the wealth of top-notch local wine makers, both historic and new, who Filippo promises are delivering some of Chianti Classico's best Chianti wines.  If you've got more questions, feel free to leave them in your comments on our social media pages, and Filippo or the team will get back you right away with the answers!   Let's kick off the adventure together!

While your appetite has now been whetted for all things Chianti wine related, don’t miss Filippo’s next short video bringing the Chianti wine region to life for you.  Check out Episode 3 of discovering Chianti with Filippo!

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