Discovering Chianti Classico with Filippo Bartolotta | Episode 3

Nov 24, 2020

A video into the world of Chianti Classico wine production with Filippo Bartolotta to better understand the role of grape varieties in wine.

Discovering Chianti Classico with Filippo Bartolotta | Episode 3

Let's jump right into the world of Chianti Classico wine production with sommelier Filippo Bartolotta, on a special journey into the heart of the Chianti Classico wine region.  Are you curious about the specific structure and make-up of delicious, ruby-red Chianti Classico wines?

Well, look no further as Filippo breaks it down with us, explaining the genetic make-up behind the Chianti Classico wines, and why they taste as wonderful as they do.  The terrain here in Tuscany is a favorable soil for different types of local grapes, and the centuries of family-run and very visitable wine estates have generational knowledge of what vines thrive locally.  Their wines reflect this deep knowledge, and I'm delighted to have Filippo as my guide to exploring these personal favorite wines.

Why do the different grapes have an effect on the wines?  Why are some grapes preferred over others?  It is possible to use single varietals or are the rules pretty lax on how Chianti Classico wines are produced?  Filippo can answer these questions and more than you might have as you view this extraordinary explanation on how Chianti Classico wines are produced according to their rules and regulations.  If you've got more questions, feel free to leave them in your comments on our social media pages, and Filippo or the team will get back you right away with the answers!  Hang around, we've got so much more coming down the pipeline!

While you might be sad our Chianti exploration has drawn to an end, there’s so much more the discover about the region.  Check out Mamablip’s food and culture journalist, Lele Gobbi’s Florence: 100% Art and Culture, but with a wine-spin, a literal foray into the hills just outside of Florence.

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