Donna Franca Marsala Wine by Florio: discover the Queen of Sicily

Filippo tastes this unique meditation wine by Florio Wine Estate, and the unique story behind it (and its important name)

Are you ready to discover the story of Donna Franca, the queen of Sicily?

Donna Franca by Florio Winery is a unique wine dedicated to a woman of incomparable intellectual charm, elegance and beauty.. 

It is produced exclusively from Grillo grapes, cultivated in alberello marsalese style, with a density of at least 5,000 vines per hectare, on the coastal strip of the territory of Petrosino, situated between Marsala and Mazzara del Vallo, in the westernmost part of Sicily. Here, the soil is not very fertile, but rich in silicon and red soil.

Grillo is a grape capable of giving wines high alcohol contentm, and perfectly suited for aging, just like this Meditation Marsala.

Donna Franca expresses very high levels of elegance and complexity. Excellent for meditation and in combination with desserts, you should also try it as an aperitif with blue cheese. Incredible with a slice of Roquefort cheese and almond flakes.


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