Duck breast with Pienza Pecorino and truffle paired with Podere Le Ripi | 15 Minute Recipe

A main course which will make you look like a pro chef with your guests - duck breast on a bed of creamy cheese, what more can you desire?

Today, in just a few minutes, you will learn how to cook a Duck Breast with Pecorino di Pienza cheese and a reduction of the meat juices.

This dish, which looks a lot more challenging than it is (try it to believe it) is quick to make and is sure to impress when you present it at the table. 

Chef Sara Lai takes care of cleaning the duck breasts from their skin herself, but we recommend that you ask your butcher to do this for you, as it can be a tedious job and you will need a suitable knife.

Today, Filippo Bartolotta proposes a perfect wine and food pairing, uncorking a bottle of Brunello 'Amore e Magia' from Podere le Ripi, a wonderful winery in the heart of Tuscany.

Duck breast with Pienza Pecorino, truffle, pear and Brunello sauce.

Ingredients for 2 servings:
1 duck breast 300 gr
150 gr pecorino cheese with truffle
2 baby pears brunello 1 glass
knob of butter

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