Episode 3 of 6 - The miracle of Montalcino

A new weekend episode discovering the wonderful territory of Montalcino and what makes Brunello so great, part 3

Do miracles happen on their own, or can we do something to help them occur? Come join us in the third weekly episode of “The Miracle of Montalcino” series, where our sommelier-on-the-ground, Filippo Bartolotta, shares the stories and magic of the Montalcino lands.

The third episode shares the personal stories behind local winemakers and producers who took history into their hands, and risked their all to make this a land worth putting on international wine maps.

Few wine aficionados will be unfamiliar with the Montalcino name, and it's all thanks to the intrepid local winemakers and the wine-making families, who through grit and determination have furthered this land’s reputation in the wine world.  Filippo goes in-depth with the Tuscan winemakers, the local support system, the winery label’s enologists and many others as we discover together this unique Tuscan wine region’s history and roots.

With so much to see, learn, and taste, Filippo will bring us on an amazing journey through the heart of central Tuscany.  Sit back, perhaps prepare a lovely Brunello of your own to pop open during your stay, and enjoy the sites, flavors, and excitement of our latest Montalcino show!

If you’re already intrigued be this week’s Montalcino theme, don’t miss the weekend tastings with Le Macioche, and Canalicchio di Sopra.  See you there!

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