Episode 4 of 6 - The miracle of Montalcino - Spirituality

Episode 4 of our discovery of Montalcino wines. Join Filippo in this amazing journey: can spirituality affect wine?

In the heart of Tuscany, nestled among red-clay hills and forest green clusters of cypress trees we find ourselves in another leap into the past, as often happens in Italy. Here in front of us we come face to face with another segment of Tuscan heritage: the monks and abbots who created some of the region’s most beloved landmarks.

Together with Filippo, we explore the lands surrounding the Sant’Antimo Abbey, constructed between the 9th and 12th centuries A.D. Why would the construction of an abbey have an effect on the lands and producers in the vicinity responsible for creating the Montalcino wines of the time? Is there a deeper connection between the worlds of the lay people and the monks living within the walls of this Abbey?

Filippo explores this inherent, intrinsic connection between two seemingly separate worlds, and discovers that like so much of life, there are delicate harmonies and balances at play that help us navigate today’s world, as well as understanding the worlds of yesterday.

When you enjoy a glass of Montalcino di Brunello, and as you soak up the wine’s spectacular reflection of terroir and individuality, if you’ve ever had the sensation of a greater presence at work, then you might be feeling the magic or mysticism of your wine. You can begin here to imagine the spiritual nature many wine producers have developed during the creation and shaping of the wines representing today’s Montalcino Brunello wine region.

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