Episode 5 of 6 - The miracle of Montalcino - The Soul

Learn the secrets of the Montalcino area and its amazing wines with sommelier Filippo Bartolotta

There are many elements of Montalcino that seem to be small miracles, as we’ve discovered in the Miracle of Montalcino series with grapetrotter, Filippo Bartolotta leading the way.

So we know the Montalcino area is miraculous, but have you wondered what’s at the heart, what’s in the soul of Montalcino?  Filippo brings us on a journey to discover that the soul of Montalcino is wood - specifically, splendid, gorgeous ancient Oak wood.

What distinguishes the oaks of Montalcino from anywhere else in the world?  The soul of Montalcino is expressed in fine ancient oaks that differentiate from other forests and trees of the world thanks to the role in crafting and shaping the Montalcino wines we reverentially adore today.

Not just a gorgeous, scenic natural landscape or a detail in Tuscany’s stunning flora, although these majestic oaks do possess an uncanny organic photogenic quality, Montalcino’s oak woods are a protected feature of the area.  Cropping up in many Montalcino vineyards, they provide shade and temperature controls during the grapes growing process, as well as maintaining and adjusting air quality for the vines.  And it’s not just the Oak trees that are the soul of Montalcino - Filippo reminds us that the vines themselves are wood - are you curious yet what else we discover on our journey through the soul of Montalcino?

Enjoy the full video above and comment on our social media pages - you can’t help but be moved by the natural nobility of the Montalcino area, and with wood as the soul of this wine region, a visit to Montalcino in person will help you further appreciate the magic and miracle of Montalcino.

Be sure to check out the weekend wine tastings with Carpineto and Beatesca wineries, with Filippo as our wine leader for the Brunello tastings.  You’ll likely find something new to taste!

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