Filippo vs. Wine - The Mouth

Come check out what it's like to eat your wine - words you never thought you'd read!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually eat wine, instead of our classic drinking it from a lovely crystal glass? With just a pinch of curiosity, and an iron-clad stomach, sommelier Filippo Bartolotta happily rises to the first of his Filippo vs. Wine challenges: eating his wine. How do you think he'll far on this extraordinary notion of creating a meal from his wines' accents?  Most interestingly, what will he choose to drink, or in this case, eat?  What's on the menu for Filippo today?

Filippo will explore a local red wine, and in pin-pointing down the flavors and aromas in his selected wines, will create a memorable mix of the food version of each aroma and accent the wine contains. Once complete, Filippo's challenge will be to consume this mix.

Well, do you think he can do it?  Will Filippo be able to pinpoint everything and get it all down?   How do you think you would do if you tried to break down your favorite Italian wines by aromas and flavors?

Stick with us for the exciting result - could be better than you think!  If there are wines you'd like to see Filippo test out his nose and stomach against, be sure to let us know on our social media pages - we'll do our best to include your wishes into Filippo's options lists.

Curious about Chiantis?  Filippo is eager to guide you through an introduction to one of Tuscany’s most iconic wine selections.  Check out the first episode in our series about Chianti wines.

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