Garda DOC Wines paired with PIAVE Cheese

What’s perfect with Piave Cheese? And what’s perfect with Garda DOC wines? How about pairing them both? Learn the secrets of Piave and Garda and explore new tastes!

The Garda DOC wines are perfect food companions, but to what kinds of foods?  How about something a little sweet and a little aromatic, like a Saffron-poached pear served with Piave Cheese?  Chef Sara Lai and Filippo Bartolotta, fine wine expert, bring us on a tasty adventure through Northern Italy’s Garda DOC wine region.  And what a trip it is!

The Pinot Noir and Spumante wines of the Garda DOC area are fine, fresh, delightful vintages that offer aromas and bouquets reflecting the local terroir and flavors to simple perfection.  With such flexibility, a whole world of wine and food pairings awaits, and together with Chef Sara, we can undertake a wine + food pairing lesson led by Filippo that will help inspire lots of other great wine and food combos in your own homes.  The Consortium for the Protection of Garda DOC Wines and Piave DOP Cheese is right at your side, to help you find the perfect pairing solutions.

With the Garda DOC Spumante taking the bubbly wine wine by storm, you’ll definitely want to give this wine a good test run in your kitchen.  A terrific Aperitivo wine, lovely bubbles bring to mind the Lake Garda’s undulating waves and soothing lakeside ripples.  The sparkling and still wines within the Garda DOC area are memorable wines that will turn even the simplest get together or family dinner into a memorable occasion.

Give the Garda DOC wines a try in your next wine glass - your food and wine palates will thank you infinitely!

For further Lake Garda information, the Mamablip wine + food journalists have undertaken a full exploration and explanation of this unique Italian wine region for you.  Come with  Lele Gobbi in Garda: Lakeside Wines Reflected on the Water's EdgeFrancesca Ciancio explores another side of Garda in Explore Lake Garda and Garda DOC With Insider Access. Be sure to include a visit to the  Wine Selections to purchase your own bottles of the Garda DOC wine selections as well as select recommended wines.

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