How to Taste Wine - Look

What does sight have to do with drinking and enjoying some of your favorite wines? Perfect your wine-tasting skills!

What does sight have to do with drinking and enjoying some of your favorite wines?  Do you think that seeing a wine can enhance your overall knowledge of the wine?  And for our final question, you can actually learn a ton of exciting information without even smelling or tasting your wine.  Incredible!

Mamablip’s fine Italian wine expert, Filippo Bartolotta, brings us on an explanation of further honing our senses in order to learn more about the wines we already love, and possibly what to expect from wines we’re trying for the first time.  While drinking wine is surely an activity just about anyone can do, not everyone can discern the subtleties wine is graced with, and we’re here to help you with that.

From observing the legs of wine, to checking out the hues and tonalities of a wine’s color, to grasping fundamental differences between the aging process of red vs. white wines, the How To Wine videos are aiming to help you improve your overall wine awareness, and become a more informed wine enthusiast.  Well, chances are you’re already enthusiastic about great Italian wines - why not make your knowledge about them all that more impressive?

Join us for this engaging series learning the fundamentals of one of your favorite drinks - then put your know-how to the test with a complete winery tour extravaganza in Italy!  We’re waiting for you!

For more Italian wine news, be sure to head over to the Mamablip Wine School Video index for more video explorations of gorgeous Italian wineries and wine regions.  Check out some Wine Selections to purchase your own bottles of recommended fine Italian wines.   Don’t miss last week’s video from the Let’s Wine series with Filippo, Is Wine Healthy?

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