Il Poggione - Brunello of Montalcino DOCG 2015 - Wine Tasting

Join Filippo in tasting this weekend's Brunello di Montalcino from Il Poggione estate.

Family-run wine estates are a true passion of the Mamablip team - we love a good story about Italian families, and families sharing common dreams and values about good food and wine always win a spot in our hearts. 
Il Poggione, one of the oldest wine estates in the Montalcino wine region, is a perfect example of what makes our hearts flutter, with their generations of wine makers producing one of the area’s most reliably wonderful Brunello di Montalcino selections. 

Thanks to the incredible foresight of the winery’s founder, Lavinio Franceschi, who, intrigued by a passing shepherd’s story-telling about the wonders of the Montalcino lands, made the treacherous journey in the late 1800s to the Montalcino area to see just how glorious these lands really were. He was sold at first sight, purchasing the grounds Il Poggione resides upon today. 

The current generations of this wine-making family are doing their very best to carry on family traditions, while braiding and blending them with a contemporary touch. Innovation and green production methods are part of the winery’s philosophies now, as well as producing one heck of a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino wine for us to enjoy. Filippo Bartolotta, Mamablip’s ever-ready wine expert, leads us through a tasting of Il Poggione’s Brunello 2015 DOCG vintage. 

Get ready to rumble with wine-joy as you enjoy this Brunello 2015 DOCG vintage, an example of an excellent year in most capable wine-making hands.  If you've loved every second of this Brunello tasting, be sure to check out Filippo's entire series of Brunello tastings for other spectacular wine tastings.

If you’ve loved watching this video, be sure to check out the other weekend selection, the Talenti Brunello 2015 vintage and Filippo’s tasting notes there as well as many other Montalcino producers - be sure to visit Mamablip’s Video index for all kinds of goodies and wine inspiration!

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