Lambrusco di Modena DOC - Italy Wine Lands

Lambrusco il a less known Italian wine from Modena. This f bubbly red wine is made in Emilia-Romagna. It is light and refreshing. An interesting alternative to the more famous white sparkling wines.

Do you think Italian wine regions are a topic only for wine experts?  Not so, my friends!  With Filippo Bartolotta, Tuscan fine wine sommelier, we'll learn a lot more about the wines coming out of Emilia-Romagna, a region deeply beloved for their regional cuisine.  But did you also know that their wines are making a major comeback in terms of quality and reputation?

Each Italian wine, and each Italian wine region produces individual wines with characters, notes and aromas that reflect their place of provenances, and the wine-maker's philosophy behind each bottle and label.  Why not learn with Filippo on which bottles are worth checking out immediately?  With the upcoming holiday season, and the colder weather at our doors, a nice, warming glass of bubbly red wine might be just what the doctor ordered. 

Let's not forget that during trying times, our minds need comforting as well, and studies do show that a foray into the world of excellent wines is a boon for your well-being and health.  OK, so perhaps those studies a bit more vague, showing that in fact, a glass of red wine a day is actually a good thing - but why waste that glass on something you might not like?!   

Relax yourself with a good bottle of wine and enjoy this video, and WELCOME TO ITALY.  

Ready to learn about some more classic Italian wine regions?  How about Tuscany’s famous (and for good reason) Chianti wine lands?  There’s so much to this area and it’s not just in a bottle, but that is a big part of it.  Let’s check it out with Filippo Bartolotta’s Chianti exploration, the first in a series of 3 episodes viewable on Mamablip.

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