Le Macioche Famiglia Cotarella 2015 - Brunello Wine Tasting Weekend Episode 5 of 31

Video wine tasting of Brunello di Montalcino. Guided tasting with wine expert to learn how Brunello is made and what is so special about this great Italian wine.


In an evolving world, figures in charge are constantly changing, and what was once a predominantly male world, there are now more and more women in the lead. It’s an evolution that of course we’re delighted to report on, and Filippo Bartolotta, Mamablip's sommelier, knows just where to go and who to talk to as he presents this dynamic wine world. 

In Filippo’s next episode exploring the Montalcino wine world, come with us as we meet three, immensely capable women who are in charge enologically speaking, working alongside one of Italy’s most important and exciting contemporary wine-focused families. Under their expert guidance, Dominga, Marta and Enrica Cotarella have increased their family’s wine production, bringing in lands from Umbria to Montalcino. The three women have undoubtably triumphed in the face of obstacles and opportunities, and are today’s face of the famiy business, rightfully enjoying a new place in Montalcino’s wine history.

As we learn more about the enterprising Cotarella sisters, we’ll also learn about Le Macioche 2015 Brunello with Filippo’s unique perspective to show us the details and particulars about this wine and the production process behind it. Any day is a great day to learn about Italian wines, and when the subject is as enlivening as the Cotarella sisters and their family’s stupendous wines, well, a regular day turns into a marvelous day. Filippo’s excited to show you around, so sit back and enjoy the show!

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