Lugana DOC Spumante - Turbiana Wine Tasting with Filippo Bartolotta

A dream come true for bubble lovers! Join Filippo Bartolotta on his journey to discover Lugana DOC Spumante made from Turbiana grapes!

How many styles of wine are produced in Lugana? Today we are talking about Lugana Spumante

Despite the fact it was introduced in the production disciplinary only in 1975, it represents a consolidated tradition. 

It is in fact said that at the end of the nineteenth century a group of industrialists from Champagne, France, were struck by the beauty of the place and by the potential of the autochthonous vineyards.

They tried (without much success due to the scarce production) to invest on Lugana's sparkling wine, even wanting to create a winery for the production of a classic method sparkling wine in Rivoltella

Lugana Spumante is produced both with the Charmat and Martinotti method and with the classic method.

Spumante has a wide range of possibilities, as "bubbles" are great throughout a whole meal. 

Join Filippo Bartolotta's tasting today, and check out the Consortium of Lugana Wines.


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