Lugana Riserva | Turbiana Wine Tasting with Filippo Bartolotta

Discover the aromas and complexity of Lugana Riserva, an amazing wine born on the majestic Lake Garda, with wine expert Filippo Bartolotta.

Discover the territories of Lugana with Filippo Bartolotta: a territory with a rich and generous nature, capable of giving food and wine products of superb quality, thanks to the presence of Lake Garda! 

These are noble soils characterized by a fertile clayey matrix of morainic origin and sedimentary nature, mainly calcareous, rich in minerals, depository of the organoleptic heritage of Lugana.

Body and warmth, acidity and flavor in the structural framework of the wine; vigorous aromas, clear, between almond and citrus.

Lugana Riserva is the natural evolution of the Lugana Superiore: it must age or refine for at least 24 months, 6 of which in bottle, it has brighter chromatic tones, and more evolved and complex aromas.


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