How to Make Wine

How is wine actually made? How does the juice of grapes become our favorite beverage? Let's find out with Filippo!

This is a burning question, we know.  With the current times necessitating more time at home, folks have been giving themselves over to DIY projects and goals they’ve always wanted to try do achieve in the comfort of their own homes.  Sourdough breads have expanded across the lands, home-brewed beer kits and have been selling like hotcakes, and countless other ambitious but within reach creations to make at home.

With this creative spirit in mind, you can count on still needing to purchase your wines from the professionals - while we will discover how the delicious elixir of wine is created, this is not a process possible to recreate at home, and Filippo Bartolotta will explain in our How Wine is Made video why.

Come discover the delicate balance of chemical reactions, shifting structural components of grapes, the foundation of any bottle of wine.  How do winemakers make these stupendous bottles we cherish and enjoy sharing together with friends and loved ones?   Is it just a simple question of crushing the fruits and waiting for their juices to turn into wine?  So many questions, and Filippo’s got the answers you’ve been looking for.

We think that as you follow this exploration led by Filippo, you’re going to learn a whole new appreciation for the hard work and dedications wine-makers the world over pour into their vintages every year.  Every label is a work of study, research, and patience - let’s get ready to dive into this new world together - grab a glass of wine while you’re at it!!

Inspired by Filippo’s new adventures?  Be sure to check out more videos exploring the Montalcino wine region - once you begin to understand how wines are made, it will make your appreciation of the videos and the territory soar.  And if you’re ready to dive into the purchase of some recommended wines and looking for guidance, check out the tasting series focusing on select Brunello di Montalcino producers, some of which are readily available directly on the Mamablip Wine Selections page.


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