Masottina RDO Levante Millesimato Extra-Dry 2020 Makes for Perfect Fish Pairings

Eternally refreshing, perfect on its own or with our favorite fish dishes, this bubbly from Masottina is a force to be reckoned with!

The Masottina wine estate are experts at producing some of the Valdobbiadene’s finest, most drinkable Prosecco selections.  Why?  Because they pair marvelously with some of your favorite dishes, because they’re sparkling wine selections that reflect their territories seamlessly, because they’re perfect to drink on their own if you don’t want to do a food and wine pairing, and because they’re immensely, eternally refreshing.

As we head into the peak of the summer heat in Italy, a refreshing glass of Prosecco, especially when you’re talking about the gorgeous Masottina RDO Levante Millesimato DOCG Extra-Dry 2020 vintage, is a welcome break from an otherwise torpid day.  

The wine’s origins on the eastern slopes of the Ogliano guarantee that the wine is a higher-quality solution, reflecting the higher altitudes of the vineyards’ locations.  With the perfect combination of glacial, morainic soils and perfect chillier breezes pair together to produce a wine with beautiful citrus bouquets and riper fruits on the palate itself.

What would be better than a comparison tasting between the Ponente and Levante RDO selections from Masottina?  Basically nothing, unless you follow Filippo Bartolotta’s, fine Italian wine expert, advice, and pair this Masottina selection with a tasty dish of pasta with fish, clams in specific if you’re up for some shellfish!

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