Masottina RDO Ponente Millesimato Brut 2020 - Fresh Breezes and Sharp Wines

Refreshing Prosecco Superiore DOCG from Valdobbiadene’s Masottina is perfect for aperitivo. Let’s take a closer look at a Sparkling wine perfect for your next glass.

If you’re looking for a wine that’s perfect for an aperitivo (and really who isn’t?), Masottina RDO Ponente Millesimato Brut 2020 could meet your requirements.  Perfectly sharp, refreshingly mineral, and inherently reflective of the glacial soils where the Glera grapes are harvested and used to produce this sparkling beauty.  Crafted by the one-and-only Masottina Wine estate of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene region, the bubbling Prosecco wines of this estate provide a most interesting wine tasting experience.

The RDO Prosecco wine selection is lovingly created in the hilly slopes of the Rive di Ogliano, an area with hillside inclines known for the exposure to the strong rays of afternoon sunshine.  The geographic elements where this Prosecco wine is created would lead winemakers and wine enthusiasts to infer that this RDO Brut vintage would be a ripe selection.  But, the Masottina Prosecco label is full of surprises, and provides us with a glass of spices and territorial influences.

Come with Filippo Bartolotta as he explores this Masottina RDO Ponente Millesimato selection from the 2020 Brut-style vintage.  With a perfect perlage that lingers appealingly, and a freshness that makes it perfect to drink on its own or during your next aperitivo, the Masottina RDO Ponente Prosecco wine makes a fine companion during your moments of R&R in your days.

It could be said that if you love wines that are floral but without too much fruity influences, and wines that refresh and revitalize the palate, the Masottina RDO is a terrific match for your wine-drinking dreams.  Lively and charming, this is a Prosecco wine you’ll want to track down and make your own.  Anzi, come check out the Wine Selections page and make your wine purchases all the easier today!

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