Masottina ViaVenti Rosé Brut | Pinot Noir e Glera Wine Tasting with Filippo Bartolotta

Today Filippo takes us to Masottina wine estate, to taste the Via Venti Prosecco DOC Treviso Rosé in its Brut version...

Immerse yourself in the world of prosecco thanks to Filippo Bartolotta's tastings. 

Masottina - Via Venti Prosecco DOC Treviso Rosé in Brut version, the last born in Masottina's house, combines a vineyard of Pinot Noir, traditionally cultivated by Dal Bianco Family, with the best selections of Glera Prosecco DOC Treviso. 

A blend which best expresses the high quality of the raw material and the characteristics of the territory from where it comes from.  

The elegance of Pinot Noir combined with the freshness of Glera, create a perfect balance.   

Discover this prosecco together with our wine expert. 

Organoleptic characteristics:

A harmony that translates into a soft pink color, fine and persistent perlage, an elegant bouquet and the result of a perfect balance between the floral notes of rose and violet and the fruit notes of currant and raspberry. In the mouth is delicate but firm, crisp, sapid, with a finish which is characterized by aromas of small red fruits and citrus fruits. The finish is round, delicate and persistent.

Vinification and aging:

Glera grapes are vinified in white at a temperature of 14 - 18°C. Pinot Nero grapes undergo a short fermentative maceration of 24 - 36 hours at a temperature of 8 - 10°C, followed by a red vinification at a temperature of 20 - 23°C. The two base wines are then blended before the "presa di spuma" which is done by selected yeasts at a temperature of 14 - 13°C for at least ninety days. The wine ages in bottle for one month before release.


Very versatile in food matching, it perfectly accompanies both fish and white meat.

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