Morellino di Scansano – Roccapesta, Toscana - Italy Wine Tasting

Join Filippo in exploring the marvellous Roccapesta Estate in the heart of the Maremma region.

Roccapesta is a beautiful wine estate in the middle of Maremma. Join Filippo Bartolotta in exploring this unique winery, which offers one of the most breath-taking views, stretching all the way to the sea.
The vineyards at Roccapesta are over 40 years old, but it was ony in 2003 that Alberto Tanzini bought the Roccapesta estate in southern Tuscany with his brother.
Together, they have built what is today's Roccapesta Estate: tradition and respect for the terroir are key to the success of their wines, and nowadays over 20 hectares of land have been converted to a sustainable winery, producing award winning Morellino di Scansano.
Today Filippo Bartolotta is tasting the Roccapesta 2018, a transparent ruby red Morellino wine which promises not to be forgotten.

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