Pappa al Pomodoro Shows off a New Skin

Apr 04, 2020

A Tuscan classic gets an exciting, new image

I love a true-blue, comfort food and in Tuscany (specifically Florence), Pappa al Pomodoro is the king of home-cooked, feel-good food.  Check out Pappa al Pomodoro Mamablip style, and see how yours compares with exciting Chef Massimiliano Catizzone’s version.  Combining either lovely fresh tomatoes as in this version, or tinned tomatoes if off-season, basil, and stale Tuscan country-style bread, Pappa al Pomodoro also represents an ingenious, delicious way to clean out your cupboards.

While the chances to prepare a tasty Pappa al Pomodoro are endless, it's not every day that I get out my messier side in the kitchen (since I've gotta clean it up later!) and get wild with the flour.  Sometimes, you can bet on it - just not every day.  What I especially love about filming with Massimiliano is his intense energy, and the vibrancy recipes acquire from his exciting, hands-on approach.

I think he gets it from his Calabrian upbringing, where classic Italian dishes take on new shape and form, and while he didn't grow up eating Pappa al Pomodoro like us old-school Tuscan kids, there's not denying his love of regional Tuscan recipes, and it's a pure joy to watch him transform these dishes with his own touch.

How about your variation - does yours look as intriguing as Chef Massimiliano Catizzone's version?

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