Podere Le Ripi Cielo d’Ulisse 2016 Provides an Epic Journey

Harmonious and brimming with red fruit flavors, leather, tannins, and everything that makes top-shelf Brunello so enjoyable.

Podere Le Ripi is a wine estate in the Southern flanks of the Montalcino area, and is a ground-breaking Montalcino based wine estate producing some truly memorable Brunello selections.  Even with the entry level wines, like Cielo d’Ulisse, the simplicity of natural fermentation, aging in big oak barrels, the use of 100% Sangiovese Grosso grapes all play a role in creating a big, important Brunello vintage for Podere Le Ripi.

Harmonious and brimming with red fruit flavors, leather, tannins, and everything that makes top-shelf Brunello so enjoyable, a bottle of Cielo d’Ulisse will help you wile away some time at the end of a long day, will help you daydream a little about coming to visit the Podere Le Ripi estate in Montalcino, and will help your wine dreams become a reality.  Winemaker Sebastian Nasello has definitely been inspired by the Montalcino lands, and that sense of awe and wonder provide a great launching pad for crafting memorable wines.   

We’re guided by Filippo Bartolotta, fine wine expert and fun host to guide us through this Podere Le Ripi Brunello di Montalcino wine experience.  What does Filippo look for in a red Tuscan wine?  Are there important tasting notes that help take a Brunello wine from tasty and enjoyable to off-the-charts quality?  

Let’s find out together with Filippo how and why the Podere Le Ripi approach to wine-making, and the vision of creating wines with love and passion are a result you can taste in each and every bottle of Brunello-focused wines from the Podere Le Ripi wine estate.  

We love pairing terrific wines with our recipes, so be sure to check out the Recipe Index for cooking inspiration, and what to pair with your next kitchen adventure.  Does all this talk of Montalcino have your travel bug ears perked up?  Take a closer look with Filippo as we explore what makes the Montalcino wine region so magical.  

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