Pork Fillet Cooked in Wine with Caramelized Onions paired with Masciarelli | 15 minute recipe

Juicy and exciting, this pork tenderloin recipe is like no other, cooked in juicy red wine by the Masciarelli estate

Pork tenderloin is a simple cut, sometimes underestimated because it becomes easily dry and a bit commonplace.

Today Chef Sara Lai proposes a pork fillet cooked in red wine, in particular a splendid Masciarelli.

Pork is a naturally savoury meat, and in fact no garnish suits it better than caramelised onions, which are sweet and juicy.

And since the rule is to drink the same wine with which the meat is cooked, wine expert Filippo Bartolotta uncorks a bottle of Masciarelli Marina Cvetic Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC Riserva 2017.

Pork Fillet Cooked in Masciarelli Wine with Caramelized Onions 
Ingredients for 4 servings

Pork Fillet Cooked in Chianti Wine Ingredients:

Pork Fillet 800 grams
Red wine 0.5 cup
Rosemary (Branch) 1
Extra-virgin olive oil as needed
Salt and Pepper as needed
Onion 1
Caramelized Onion Ingredients for Pork Fillet Cooked in Wine:

Sugar (Granulated) 1 pinch
Onion 2
Extra-virgin olive oil as needed
Balsamic vinegar 1 table-spoon
Thyme (Stalk) as needed
Butter 1 table-spoon
All-purpose flour 1 table-spoon

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