Rosé Wines from Valtènesi, Lake Garda

Discover the Valtènesi Wine Region with Filippo Bartolotta in his new online wine school series!

Diving into Lake Garda’s western coast, we find ourselves in the heart of a most unique region - views of the Alps with lemon and olive groves at our feet?  How is this possible?

Well, if this is what you’re seeing, you might just be in the Valtènesi wine region, a captivating wine-producing area snuggled onto Lake Garda’s coast.  One of Northern Italy’s most intriguing regions, we’re drawn to the area’s Chiaretto Rosé wines for their delicate, elegant, and citrus-graced wines, the perfect solution to accompany us on this visually glorious exploration of Lake Garda.

Filippo Bartolotta, Mamablip’s wine expert, will bring us through a visual discovery of this region, which you might need familiarizing with, even though Lake Garda is indeed Italy's largest lake.  While its famous sister lakes might have long-held the land’s attention, Lake Garda is a formidable wine region that gives wine enthusiasts the wonderful Chiaretti Rosé options.  

If you’re intrigued by Filippo’s foray into the Valtènesi Rosé wines, and want to learn more about the local Valtènesi wine producers, be sure to consult the Valtènesi Consortium page to learn more about how these wines are promoted in Italy and globally.

Mamablip authors Lele Gobbi’s Valtènesi, Professionally and Perenially Pink and Andrea Grignaffini’s Valtènesi: the genesis of a territory both explore Valtènesi with their own perspectives - fascinating looks at a wine region many in Italy are beginning to explore and adore during this period of great Italian wine renaissance.

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